As you have noticed my whole site is being reconstructed. All of my content has been deleted to revamp my brand. I figured that it was time to tease you, lovely pets, in a whole new light since I have been doing this for so long.

Shortly I will be coming out with more rtgames to play on Twitter and a way to find me on only one Discord server called FindomDiscord. That is until I finally get around to making my own server for pets or subs looking to spend just a little time with me. My Discord Id can be asked at any time through my contact info on this site.

If you are just taking a looking around my site here are some tips. I have profiles on many different sites around with web. A few of the links are:

Findoms : I have had this profile for some time now and edit it a few times a year. I am not that active but I have spent a lot of time on the blog for that site and make move more of that information here. I am however verified on this site and a lifetime member.

Fetlife: This place I am also verified and was one of the first places that I started posting my content. I am usually here once a week checking groups and drumming up business. I also attend local events that I regularly post here.

IwantClips: I don’t have much video content here yet. There will be more content added as my equipment is updated. You can also tip me here at any time. Other adult sites will be added in the future.

I will add to this list more and more as time goes on.

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