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Let’s face it, you are here to submit anyway. I enjoy a good surprise just as much as the next Domme. Send through coinbase.

We all love this fetish and one of the things I love the most if getting money from people I have never even spoken to. You just stop in and see my page and admire my hard work enough to hand over your hard-earned cash and what better way to do that then through Coinbase.

Now here is my Litcoin address: LLsw78z6CvkoSgCLePLQ31xHXytMRBKZG9


Here is my Ethereum address: 0xF4a20c7C3351bBC7B440f9D27D536b756e56ad7f



And of course my Bitcoin 1FCgquRGMiBfhnJsXToTgYe5GmDXn72KU


So there is no more excuses you can also send me gift card codes to my gmail account. queenfaev at g This is done on purpose as I do not wish to spam mail.

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