Natural Leader

Take the time to google “financial domination” or the more popular word “findom” and you may get a better picture that what I am about to talk about.

Almost every place I have been active on I keep seeing the same poses, the same text, and all the same body type. I will call them followers. There is a reason for this.

These people are just copying what they seem to think works. Sure the loser comments work in session. The loser sign works in SESSION. The nudity works IN SESSION. Yet when that is all you keep typing over and over, copy-pasting on every single form of media possibly they are followers.

Do they have original content? Anything that sets them apart? Nope!

To be a successful Dominant there are two major factors:

1. Confidence

If you want a submissive to fall completely in the sub-zone then own yourself. Own all your faults and be willing to work on improving them. Admit when you are wrong and need to learn something. Admit what you are not comfortable with and Own what you are comfortable with. Confidence means being comfortable in your own skin and being who you ARE. Not being what someone else is.

2. Original content

What is it that you have that no one else does? Ever domme has something that sets her apart. For me it is my mind. I have a way of worming myself into the mind of a sub and making them crave to serve only me. I have a passion for what I do that draws them in. What about you makes you unique?

Stop being a follower and start being a natural leader.

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