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Extreme Dynamics Vs Reality

Note that this was taken straight from my blog on both Hepays and Findoms

It annoys me to some extent that my online posts seem to come off to some subs that I am only interested in the extreme financial domination dynamic. So in this blog I am going to try and break it down a little to explain a few things.

I do have two extreme dynamics and both are dynamics on the subs choice. They have had 10 emails between the two of use to negotiate what works between the both of us. This is how a D/s dynamic works in it’s basic form. This means that both people communicate what they want and what they need. They compromise to some extend on what they want so that their needs are met. I compromise on what I want so that my NEEDS are met.

The following are two subs who come to me with boastful claims of income.

Here is an example: One said he had an trust fund because his father was a financial genius of $5000 a week. He had a long of issues I spent time giving him advice on. When negotiation was said and done he agreed that $1000 a week was affordable to send to me. Again this was an amount he claimed that would make him feel useful to send. Then we exchanged payment details and he fell through. (Moral don’t lie to impress me as it doesn’t work.)

Example number two: This on claimed to be busy with his own business which he worked during the week. And managed on the weekends. He claimed around 10000 euro per month. When all was said and done he claimed to not want much communication in exchange for weekly cash drops of 1800 euro a week. Again his agreement. Yet after just one or two conversations and a voice call…suddenly all goes quiet. (Moral he could have easily spent the time negotiating instead of running off.)

This are lost opportunities they both have had because clearly they can’t handle maturity and negotiation and communication. Yet BOTH claimed to want something long term.

I have a minimum of 200 euro a month from subs who wish to serve me long term online. If I find a sub that can contribute to my content with consent and meet 2 times a month for this then this minimum goes down to 150 euro because I will used this content to make money. When you see me post 800 euro tributes it is because this sub choice to send this much to me and I was proud of the sacrifice he made to save that much to send to me. If you see me post 30.000 euro tribute again this is a subs choice to send this to me and sacrifice to send this to me.

Do I have sugar subs? Damn right I do because I earned these means trust. They started off as the 200 euro a month subs, tasks and training just like everyone else. I have two that have served me for 10 years now. One that has served me for just over a year who saved that whole year to send a 10000 of his own choice.

So when someone comes to me with claims of monthly income of 10000+ with a lot of savings…I call a rat in a heart beat and set extreme amounts for drops because I want proof. Don’t boast what you don’t have.

I have been doing this since May of 2000. I have had billionaires serve me in their time and even they will not send an amount over 1000 the first time they meet me. Oh sure they may bring more however, it is not in cash those are the once who meet me, have dinner, enjoy my company decided to stay in town for a weekend and take me shopping. Statistically these are men that are part of the 1% club. So dear they are one in a million. And usually they are also the ones who will prove you wrong as well with a meet and proof.

My point to all of this. Come to me respectfully and with an open mind. Willing to negotiate terms of an agreement other than the minimum I have set in this message. Address me personally as Mistress or Miss so that I know you have at the very least read this blog post.

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