Lets Put Fun Back in Findom.

I have had a blast over the past few months exploring new ways to put the fun back in findom. I had to just take a step back because there seems to be so many that believe a hard bitchy persona is the only way to be.  There is nothing wrong with this way. I am just different. I am me.

So here are just a few examples and keep in mind you must stay safe. Some of these are not possible while corona is still raging on. Do your research and make sure YOU are safe before you do anything.

Shopping trips.

I love these because they can be done both online and offline. Online shopping trips can be done with Teamviewer or any type of screen share program. I could be something as simple as only shopping on one site such as sub purchasing just from your amazon wish list. My favorite way to do this is to make a list of things that you want. I usually have about 10 items. Set a timer. Then you and a sub go hunt of those items with links. If you finish your list first with prices better than subs he has to purchase 5 of the items. If he wins he has to purchase 2 of his favorite items for you. Make it as difficult or as simple as you want. Offline is done only with local and trusted subs. They will have had to serve for a certain time and have shopped so many times online for this to happen. I set the place and shop and he may set the limit to spend. A deposit is sent beforehand. Then I will torment said sub with whispers as we shop.

React games.

I do these in discord servers. Or on Twitter and usually to set the amount that a submissive is in debt to me. For these pets, it is the rush of that number going up. I have enough of a network that I have had react games go from $25 to $30000 in debt in just 20 minutes. It depends on the rules you and said person set in the amount of time. The point with this game is that there are no pre-set rules. You talk those through before a game.

AVN pay per rip off.

Now, these are done only with subs enjoy both the drain and the ripoff part of the fetish world. I use anything from google search images that are a play on words for something they have asked to random objects around my house. I have one sub who loves it just because he never knows what he will get. He knows I will keep an eye on his spending limit and he will get about an hour of laughs before he has to go about his day. I can also switch it up and push his fetish buttons on and off the whole time. So again be creative and have fun.

Gambling Games. 

These can be just about anything from pay per task wheel spends too.  Pay per roll with dice and then they have to multiply that role by a set number for how much they pay you. Another could be paying to pic a receipt out of a bowl and reimbursing said amount.

Debt Games.

I have one long term pet who enjoys these because we play a game of 20 questions. For each question he gets wrong I will add and amount to his debt. For each that he gets right, He gets to pick a gift to send to me. He loves this because it adds to his shopping fetish. And it gives him a reason to stay with me. I might help with that too.

Above all else when you are here playing with the money fetish make sure to stay safe. Follow SSC, RACK, and PRICK protocols. Make sure you know each other.

Ladies and Subs feel free to add your game ideas. Be honest so we can all enjoy a little more fun in this findom world!

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