My Story

Let see..My story starts in May 2000 just after I graduated and turned 18. I had been volunteering at a local home for the elderly. I came in for a few hours a week to chat with the ladies and give them some company while their families were working. I was introduced here by a family friend who also volunteered. Until I started working with him he was just someone my older brother new.

One day in May I walked by his car in the parking lot. It was a sports car and being from a family of motorheads I am ashamed that I still can not name to make and model. It was just a red car with curves. I complimented the color and without skipping a beat in our chatting I asked, “Hey, hand-cuffs, flogger and a paddle? What are you up to tonight?”

Laughing a little, “Eager already and you don’t even know what these are for. I have an event to attend tonight to train a few people. You are welcome to join me. The fact that you know what they are means you know what kind of event so bring your idea and an open mind.”


“Alright, I will bite but only if you will train me. I don’t trust anyone else to enter this world with.”

“I wouldn’t have invited you otherwise.”

Fast forward to almost a year later. Up until this point I worked during the week full time at his gentleman’s club/dungeon full time. I got to keep the tips but my pay was like a Sugar Baby allowance paid weekly. I didn’t mind as it paid a lot better than minimum wage and I was getting trained old school in the BDSM world. I spent weekends living at his place.

See he owned more than one business. He was in his early 30s, owned his home and had more than one submissive living in his home. He had enough room and income that the three permanent subs could live comfortably.

This night my wrists and feet were strapped on a leather-covered X mount. Because of our protocol, one wrist was equipped with a quick-release just in case. I did not realize at the time that my loving Dom had been drinking and was angry when we started to session. There was no warm-up with he hit me the first time with the crop. With-in just a few minutes I knew something was off.

I safe worded a warning. He didn’t hesitate to pop me harder. I safe worded to stop and he just kept going. I broke free after a few more pops. I don’t remember to this day how I was able to flip the tables at this point but he was on the floor flat on his back.

“I said stop.” I didn’t have to yell. I found out this day that there is much more power in a clear whisper than yelling.

I left his house than but returned as was expected early the next morning for breakfast. We always talking through things the days after as a part of aftercare. He met me in the kitchen with a cup of hot chocolate for me and his coffee.

“You left last night. I was worried.” His body showed me that he was genuine.

“You hurt me.” I was still angry but now it was more hurt.

We talked for most of the morning which was the longest we had ever had and aftercare talk. He admitted that he thought at this point my natural state was dominant. He wanted to continue training but as a mentor and I agreed. He also introduced me to Sammy which he had rescued as he called it from an abusive Dom just a month before. He also signed over 49% ownership of his Gentlemen’s club. He said I had earned it.

Like Sammy, all of his subs that lived with him were willing and came to him from abusive situations. Sammy was 21 and identified as a pet. Sammy was reserved but like any puppy once feed, played with and a good scratching and petting he was loyal. It took a week every day after work for him and me to get used to each other. I learned quickly that he enjoys laying his head in my lap and me petting him after a long days work.

I will go into more detail about Sammy at another time.

While working as a hostess, a long-time client of our club arrived one night upset, so I stopped what I was doing and talking to him over a glass of wine. He told me about his wife leaving him after being married 25 years and a few other nasty things that had happened that day. We chatted for an hour or two and I left him laughing and introduced him to a few other clients going through similar things.

At the end fo the night our bartender handing me my tips. See clients take an envelope and a thank you card purchased at the bar. They can leave tips then write the name the tip is for on the outside. I had 6 thick envelopes.

“Looks like you have been introduced to the money fetish.” The bartender just smiled.

I opened the first with $4000 and a note that read. “Thanks for tending to this old man and making me smile in a time that was not so nice for me.”

I opened the next with $1000 and a note, “I think 5 is a better number. Besides it is kinda exciting.”

I kept opening each one with a different amount of money insides. Each with a different note. By the time I opened the last one I was so turned on that I could even open it. And this my dear is how I was introduced to both the money fetish and the BDSM world.


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